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Longer term, Hermes offers double digit EPS growth prospects
The homing of lymphocytes is controlled by interactions with high endothelial venules (HEV), hermes specialized vessels that define sites of lymphocyte extravasation into lymph nodes and inflamed tissues. In humans, lymphocyte-HEV binding involves a lymphocyte surface glycoprotein (GP) of 85 to 95 kd (CD44, H-CAM), defined by monoclonal antibody (MoAb) Hermes-1. To define the expression of this homing- associated adhesion molecule during human lymphocyte development, we performed two-color immunofluorescence analyses of human bone marrow (BM), thymus, peripheral blood (PB), and tonsillar lymphocytes. The highest levels of hermes handbags-1 antigen are displayed by circulating B and T cells in the blood, which are uniformly positive and bear roughly twice the level of antigen present on mature lymphocytes within organized lymphoid tissues and BM. udsskjfdfdi
Longer term, hermes massai bag orange offers double digit EPS growth prospects, driven by the continuing extension of the retail network (direct operated stores represent less than 60% of the total) coupled with product diversification, 

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Notwithstanding a very difficult environment in luxury goods, continuing subdued demand in Japan and in the US, hermes scarf (HESAF.PK) is seeing some improvement since the end of March. As a result, management is looking for flat sales at constant rates this year, following almost 5% decline in sales in Q1. Forex should provide a further 6-7% boost to sales in 2009. hermes gürtel is showing a superior resilience, notably in its core leather handbag business which represented 43% of sales last year. It seems that the upscale positioning of Hermes makes it “almost” immune to the financial crisis, at least in handbags. This is good news as we estimate that handbags account for more than 60% of Hermes profits. As a result, Hermes could be the only luxury good player posting positive results in 2009.

Longer term, hermes ties offers double digit EPS growth prospects, driven by the continuing extension of the retail network (direct operated stores represent less than 60% of the total) coupled with product diversification, notably the watches division which is still very small compared with Richemont or Swatch (SWGNF.PK). Despite the fact that its texture is mirror-slick and not distressed like the metallics I usually prefer, the fact that they used a gunmetal silver instead of a bright, blue-based silver is really winning me over. The hermes shop reminds me of a much less expensive, much more useful version of the Balenciaga Metallic Crocodile Wristlet we’ve talked about recently. I’d choose the Bal in a second, but since I don’t think my credit card limit is that high, the Mulberry version seems like a fun substitute that might actually hold some of my stuff. Buy through ShopBop for $1250.

'Spirited Away' is the first Miyazaki I have seen,

'Spirited Away' is the first Miyazaki I have seen, but from this stupendous film I can tell he is a master storyteller. A hallmark of a good storyteller is making the audience empathise or pull them into the shoes of the central character. Miyazaki does this brilliantly in 'Spirited Away'. During the first fifteen minutes we have no idea what is going on. Neither does the main character Chihiro. We discover the world as Chihiro does and it's truly amazing to watch. But Miyazaki doesn't seem to treat this world as something amazing. The world is filmed just like our workaday world would. The inhabitants of the world go about their daily business as usual as full with apathy as us normal folks. Places and buildings are not greeted by towering establishing shots and majestic music. The fact that this place is amazing doesn't seem to concern Miyazaki.

What do however, are the characters. Miyazaki lingers upon the characters as if they were actors. He infixes his animated actors with such subtleties that I have never seen, even from animation giants Pixar. Twenty minutes into this film and I completely forgot these were animated characters; I started to care for them like they were living and breathing. Miyazaki treats the modest achievements of Chihiro with unashamed bombast. The uplifting scene where she cleanses the River God is accompanied by stirring music and is as exciting as watching gladiatorial combatants fight. Of course, by giving the audience developed characters to care about, the action and conflicts will always be more exciting, terrifying and uplifting than normal, generic action scenes.

Through Chihiro, Miyazaki is clearly (but non-patronisingly) talking to youth of Japan. There's a certain sense of revile about the youth of Japan at the moment. Many people consider them to be ill-mannered and baring no respect for their elders or their forefathers. They are simply bi-products of their material world and consumerism. 'Spirited Away' taps into this. At the start Chihiro is a selfish, spoiled, whiny brat. But as she plunges deeper into the spirit world, she becomes more independent, more assured, more respectful and learns some manners. No Face, a black figure with a white mask, is the catalyst behind Chihiro's transformation. Once he is let into the bathhouse, we are no longer tourists – the story propels forth. Watching No Face prey on the greed of the workers is a terrifying delight. The three main characters in Miyazaki's youth allegory are Chihiro, No Face and Bô. All of these characters are disconnected with their world. They are lonely, misunderstood and largely ignored. But when they go on their journey together, they united and become stronger individuals.

Miyazaki also talks about the ecology of Japan. What was once a beautiful; grassland has now turned into the Asian New York. That The Last Samurai had to be filmed in New Zealand to get a turn of the century Japanese look speaks volumes. The River God sequence is an unsubtle but unpretentious commentary on pollution. While these two themes are very much current in Japan, they are also universal themes – which makes 'Spirited Away' a universal story that most of us can connect with. I'm willing to bet everyone reading this has at some time seen bicycles lying on a lake bed or have had a child talk to them disrespectfully. Sure these themes aren't advanced philosophy. They are everyday issues told in an inventive, fun way.

The animation is wonderful, if not as smooth as Disney's works – but there's something superior to that. 'Spirited Away's imperfect, but detailed world is far more fascinating than the perfected blandest of Disney's latest offerings. The animators successfully balanced the tight-rope between not-enough animation on characters and too much animation on characters. No Ralph Balski ADD antics here! The film is full of vivid images – both beautiful and horrifying. The line between those two extremes is crossed over seamlessly. From Chihiro and Haku running through an opening flower field to Haku's dragon snarling with a bloody mouth, both extremes seem to belong in the film. It's also excellently done with the characters. Kamaji can be seen as a scary, daunting figure at the beginning, but soon he seamlessly changes into a humble, wise figure. Yubaba also seems to be able to turn from kind to witch with the snap of a finger.

The sound on the film was expertly done. The sounds perfectly match the on screen actions and objects. My sub woofer got a wonderful workout when Haku swoops Chihiro past the bridge at the beginning. And while I don't speak Japanese, I think the voice actors did a wonderful job of conveying their personality and emotions true their voice. Joe Hisaishi's music is sublime, definitely one of my favourite scores. His main piano theme is simple and evocative. His thunderous action music hits the viewers on the chest like a hammer. Like all great scores it heightens the greatness of a scene about three times. The score, unlike many American composers', is unobtrusive. It plays excellently with the scenes, but never overbears them. A lot of the time the it is barely noticeable, a sole piano plays softly in the background evoking a dreamlike/lullaby quality.

'Spirited Away' is a simply a modern masterpiece, easily one of the Top 10 films of the new millennium. It works on a multitude of levels; a social commentary on Japan, a homage to ancient Japanese/Russian mythology, a moral film for both children and adults. But most importantly, it is a simple story brilliantly told by a great filmmaker who appears to be at the top of his game. 'Spirited Away' works much like a relaxing journey. Pop in the DVD; leave this world for two hours and when you will be almost certainly enriched and ready to take the trip again.


All the Oolong Tea Around China

There are wines and coffees that have become famous for the region they were grown in. Soil, amount of rainfall, and even distance from the equator can all have a definite influence on the taste of the drink. Tea is as strongly influenced by the same factors. Not only the harvesting time, but the processing and regional influences all combine to create more varieties of tea than most people are aware of.
Teas from the Fujian provence of southern China are often considered the standard measure for quality. This is due to the long history of Oolong Tea production in this area. Fujian is thought to be the place in which tea was first cultivated in China. The region is not only good for tea, but for many other crops. The combination of tea with flowers and oils from these other products creates many types of teas that are famous around the world. Jasmine tea from Fujian is well known for a light, delightful fragrance that lasts well after the tea is gone.
Another tea from Fujian is Bai Hao Yinzhen. This is a delicate white tea and production is in very small amounts. Picked only between the middle of March and first week of April, the work is done only by hand. The reason is that only undamaged and unopened tea buds from the top of the plant are harvested. This creates a tea that is pale yellow, slightly sweet and highly prized. The taste is often so delicate that many people might be disappointed, but the real secret is that the amount of antioxidants in this tea is amongst the highest. As such, this tea is considered healthier than almost any other.
Outside of China, there are multiple places that have become extremely well known and popular. The island of Java in Indonesia has deep layers of volcanic soil and regular rainfall. These combine to create teas that are rich in flavor without being overly bitter. This is one of the sources for the various teas that most people have regularly - the English and Irish breakfast teas are from either here or another area known for the same growing environment. The Indian state of Assam is the home of Orange Pekoe tea, which in recent years has become one of the most popular hot teas sold in western countries.
While well known, therefore famous, there are areas of the world where tea is planted and harvested primarily for large commercial consumption. India and Kenya are two places where there are huge plantations owned and operated by any number of large corporations. These farms have machine harvested tea plants that also get treated by chemical fertilizers and insecticides. While marketed under the same names as traditionally grown teas, these are made for mass consumption. The flavors are often enhanced by other ingredients and additives.
In addition, the mechanical harvesting can include more stems than any tea should. It also results in leaves and buds that are bruised, meaning that the leaves have already started to oxidize before drying. This can create unbalanced bitterness unless blended with teas that have not started to react. While mass produced tea was once a great way to introduce people to the second most popular beverage in the world (after ordinary water), this fame comes at the expense of true flavor and the multiple health benefits of proper teas.


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Anise hyssop is a perennial herb, Agastache foeniculum, that is a member of the mint family, Lamiaceae. It's native to North America and grows wild in the grasslands of the Midwest. It's also called giant blue hyssop because of the pretty blue flowers and its tall growth habit. The root system survives from year to year and the above ground parts of the plant will die back during winter to be replaced by new growth the following spring.
Typical of many mints the scallop-edged, triangular leaves lie opposite one another and the stems are square in cross-section. When bruised the leaves emit the scent of anise or fennel, so it's also known as anise-mint, licorice-mint or fennel hyssop. In a well-fertilized garden anise hyssop can grow to four or five feet tall, but it generally is about three feet tall in nature. It will readily accept pruning, becoming bushier when clipped as new growth arises from the leaf axils. Pruning anise hyssop during the growing season will produce two or three harvests. Alternatively, leaves can be harvested as needed.
Irregular flowers cluster at the stem tips in interrupted spikes, and they occur in the leaf axils. The blueish-purple blooms are tubular in shape with four long stamens that protrude. The blossoms are open from mid-summer to fall with the spikes elongating throughout the blooming period. In the garden these stunning spikes of flowers really draw one's attention. The beautiful flowers also attract butterflies.
Anise hyssop makes a delightful addition to mixed White and Yellow Tea and a fine tea all to itself. The leaves are dried for the cold weather months or used fresh during the summertime. A tablespoon of bruised leaves is steeped in near boiling water for ten minutes. The tea is naturally sweet, so extra sweetener is not necessary. In fact the tea is so sweet that it can be used to sweeten other foods. Poach peaches in the tea for an interesting twist.
Leaves can be finely chopped and added to green salads, fruit salad, mayonnaise-based salads, bean dishes and potatoes. Anywhere a taste of licorice or anise would enhance a dish, try anise hyssop leaves instead of anise seeds. Press leaves into a pie crust before baking for a pleasant surprise.
Folklore medicine employed anise hyssop herbal tea to treat colds, coughs and fevers, to induce sweating, and to strengthen a weak heart. Modern science hasn't substantiated any of these claims, but it may be effective in reducing congestion when used in a steam bath.
Anise Hyssop For Licorice-Tasting Herbal Tea_2940


This movie was 80 minutes long??? It seemed twice that! I Love You, I Love You Not is certainly not horrible, but it's not a movie I'd really care to watch again.

I was strolling through Blockbuster searching for a film to watch over the weekend when this particular one caught my eye. Even though I'm not a Claire Danes fan (though she did a fine job in Little Women), I saw Jude Law's name and knew I had to rent it. I was disappointed. This film is contrived, cliched, and doesn't know whether to be totally serious or humorous. It fails on all counts (especially the hokey scene at the school assembly)!

The narrative of this movie is totally choppy, and the Holocaust scenes and the school scenes don't seem to blend in well together. If they'd focused solely on the romance of Jewish Daisy and Gentile Ethan the film might have really gone somewhere. This is not to say that Jeanne Moreau doesn't shine as Nana, she absolutely radiates.

Claire Danes gives an OK performance, and had the role and the story in general been better, she could've done a terrific job as Daisy. And what about Daisy's parents? They are almost never mentioned. What exactly is her relationship with them?

The true saving grace is Jude Law as Ethan. We can see why he is entranced by Daisy, as she is not the "typical" cheerleader giggly type who hangs all over him. We understand how he gives in to the prejudice around him when it comes to Daisy and his friends. I believe, especially after Mr. Law's success in The Talented Mr. Ripley, he is going to take Hollywood by storm and make all sorts of great movies.

Let's just hope they're all better than this one!


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Love or Sociology?

Blake Edwards' greatest visibility has been as a director of comedy. His comedies themselves display great diversity, from the pratfalls and high-jinks of the Pink Panther films to the utter sophistication of a film like Breakfast at Tiffany's, with which he earned a reputation as a director of stylish, urbane comedy. This is impressive when one looks at the rest of his comic body of work, from Inspector Clouseau well into the 1980s and '90s, which predominantly brandishes a profound respect for the silent slapstick tradition wherein the process of structuring physical comedy takes precedence over dialogue, theme, plot and character development; the structure of the comedy becomes all of those things. But Tiffany's is a very complex and almost painfully cosmopolitan film.

When it comes to cinematic fashion and romance, few are more fetishistic than this fun-loving Sunday drive of a movie, an imaginative but unworkable fantasy comprised of uneven portions of farce, flirtation, intensity, broad comic facial expressions and Manhattan's most flamboyant East Side districts staged in the most saturated colors. Most notably perhaps, this is a showcase for Audrey Hepburn. And it isn't just the countless costume changes, although style and elegance have always been her defining characteristics (thanks to this film to a major degree). Indeed this is not the easiest role. It needs her to do more than smile at the camera and protract her lines, although Holly initially seems to be little more than a scatterbrained, well-to-do woman about town, the more we get to know her, the more we glean the displacement and longing that've led her to cling to her present situation. Holly has low self-respect and a history she's not proud of, and she has surrounded herself with beaming, ostentatious objects in an endeavor to give herself a degree of cozy complacence. She's a sham, but, in the words of a supporting character, she's a "real phony." Opposite her, playing striving writer Paul Varjak, is George Peppard, who for at least one movie gets to stand in the limelight, although the script asks little scope of Peppard, and consequently, his performance seems fairly flat. He and Hepburn create a persuasive connection. Their interplay has a light-hearted, accustomed texture to it, getting us to feel that their characters have a rapport.

In any case, however, the film has been criticized for its portrayal of the character Mr. Yunioshi, Holly's bucktoothed, stereotyped Japanese neighbor, played by Mickey Rooney, and rightly so. This ridiculous role brings the film down a couple of major notches. Rooney wore Yellowface to change his features to a caricatured approximation of a Japanese person. Even beyond the lack of good taste, if there's a reason for the presence of the character, it's not on the screen. Producer Richard Shepherd apparently apologized, saying he'd be thrilled with the film where it not for this cheap and extraneous caricature. Also, supposedly, Edwards himself stated that upon reflection he greatly regrets it. But it's there, a degrading example of white people controlling what it means to be Asian on stage and screen, an example of overt racism common to the times.

That aside, this account of a party girl in love with a sensitive stud lets Edwards fashion a very aristocratic film, with pleasant Technicolor photography by Franz Planer. The final scene leaves an equally pleasant taste in one's mouth, a humane self-contained story that you can make maple syrup out of, though if you aren't moved by it you likely rape kittens Se7en-style.Taken as a superficial mythological poem, Breakfast at Tiffany's has a sort of charisma.


White and Yellow Tea great for you

You may be wondering if drinking Chinese tea for energy boosting is a reality or not. Most people associate an energy boost with a cup of coffee, but can the same affects be had from drinking a cup of tea?
The answer is absolutely YES!
For centuries, this popular Asian beverage has been used widely to treat a vast array of ailments.
Everything from reducing the duration of a cold or flu, dental cavity prevention and even blood sugar regulation has been attributed to this wonder drink.
But can it contribute for increased energy?
It's true, this drink has certain thermogenic (fat burning) properties which not only speed up your metabolism, help you burn fat (as well as reducing cholesterol and high blood pressure) but also give the tea amazing energy boosting capabilities.
The beneficial properties found in this type of tea have been shown in studies to assist in the oxidation of fat as an energy source. This fact becomes evident if one takes time to consider just how many energy or diet drinks contain green tea extract!
Although green tea has less caffeine than black, about 1/3 the caffeine of black tea, it still has the same ability to keep you alert and effective. The added bonuses, of course, are all of the ailments it can treat. This beverage is simply the best and easiest way to supply your body with all of the free radical scavenging antioxidants it needs to remain healthy.
The caffeine found in this wonderful drink may be minimal compared to that of coffee, but it will increase your energy levels without all of the jitteriness associated with coffee. Plus, coffee doesn't have the distinction of helping to fight cancer, elevating mood or slowing the aging process!
Can coffee do these things? Not at all, but Chinese teas perform those necessary tasks for us and much more.
Also, it doesn't take endless cups of this Asian drink before one can begin to notice improvement in overall health. Just 2-3 cups of Chinese tea per day will start you on your way. It's no wonder why these amazing Chinese teas have been used for millennia to treat so many maladies.
Western medicine is just now learning what traditional Chinese herbalists have known for centuries- White and Yellow Tea great for you!
The next time you start to feel the sting of that "midday lag" just reach for this delicious cup of fresh goodness!
Not only will you get the quick pick me up you crave, but you'll be doing your body a huge favor!

Simply the Best Television Program and DVD Series Devoted to Automobiles, Ever,

As an American, your selection of automotive programming is quite limited. On one hand there is the SPEED Channel that is not available in every market, and on the other there is the "Powerblock" on Spike TV that offers little more than how to add a bit of power to your Grandmother's '81 Caprice.

Even as an import, Top Gear simply blew my mind away during my first viewing of the show last year when The Discovery Channel ran a season of the show slightly altered for the US Market.

For one, the personality of the show is unlike anything I have seen before. The show's lead host, Mr. Jeremy Clarkson is rather opinionated on everything, and although he will never hide the fact that he does not like something, he himself is quite likable as a person. On the opposite side of the spectrum, there is Mr. James May, quite possibly the most British man I have ever seen on television or in the movies. He isn't offensive in any way, and although he may be known as "captian slow," his presentations are quite enjoyable as they always seem to come from someone with a level head. Caught in the middle is Mr. Richard Hammond, a rather young Briton who embodies the current generation of automotive fandom. All together, the hosts balance each other out, and each offer their own perspective to the show, appealing to a wide range of people.

Outside of the "acting," the cinematography of the show is breathtaking, given that it is a weekly event in the UK. Occasionally the segments rival that of some of the best television shows or movies that I have seen, and although they are primarily focused on the car and the hosts themselves, the surrounding environment often plays a large role in the different reviews.

...But then you add the great soundtracks of the reviews, the quirky setups to the different tests (such as a Bugatti Veyron racing a plane from Italy to England), and the great test laps done by the Stig... It all adds up to one of the greatest television programs, well, ever.

It truly is a shame that the viewing of Top Gear is generally limited to the internet via You Tube or Google Video here in the US, but there was a pilot filmed for The Discovery Channel in the US for an American version of Top Gear, but thus far, nothing has happened.

If you have the time, I highly suggest you take a look at the show, interested in automobiles or not.

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A most uncomfortable movie

Just finished watching this film, so I want to record what's inside my head. Kubrick is definitely one of my favorite directors, and I had also watched 1997 version of LOLITA by Adrian Lyne around 10 years ago. So without re-watching the latter, it is difficult for me to compare these two films at this moment.

Obviously enough LOLITA is a tacky job for any director, because its story and characters, four main characters were all so unlovable by their own selfishness. Humbert is propelled by his eccentric lust, Charlotte is driven by her shameless desperation, Lolita, of course, she is manipulating all the male who coveted her beauty, as for Quilty, his evil side is more understandable in a franker way. So with four "bad" characters tangled with each other, who is the ultimate winner? the answer is our little nymph LOLITA!

The acting is strong, but apart from two main leaders, I am more impressed by Shelley Winters, who delivers a more powerful punch as a lonely single mother who just needs someone to love her and chooses a wrong man by her own wishful thinking. So after Charlotte's death, the latter part of the film loses its intense gusto. Peter Sellers is dislikable and weird with his strange accent (it is said he imitates Kubrick), he shows his acting talent but annoys me. James Mason is well-captured of the goody-goody professor, but as his positive image (I still vividly remember his role in A STAR IS BORN) really roots inside my mind, I fear that he is trying too hard to elaborate the character. Sue Lyon as Lolita, no question it is a great start for anyone's acting career, she is adorable with a disproportional maturity. Frankly speaking her role actually is the easiest one, all one need is to find the right person, and Kubrick did it. Owing to the censor system at 1960s, no sex scene is shot between Humbert and Lolita, maybe that's why there is a detectable incompatibility between them, which makes all the innuendos are unconvincing.

The film is largely overshadowed at the time when it has been released in 1962, without much major recognitions in Oscars, definitely not Kubrick's best work, it still shines with its contemporary wit of how one can be dragged by his uncontrollable lust deep inside him.



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Barry Lyndon (1975)

In the midst of the many wonderful films made by Stanley Kubrick, it is strange to note how rarely people mention "Barry Lyndon".

The film portrays an unusual young Irish man, Redmond Barry, and his endeavours as he is forced to leave his home and tries to make good his life elsewhere. His life away from home starts out as a career in the British Army; only to evolve in surprising ways and lead to as different places as a position of trust within the Prussian Army and later a title of nobility, gained by what our time can only measure as rather disgraceful means.

Some consider Barry Lyndon a slow and tedious film – and it is in deed past three hours in length, but this is because of the artistic flow of a film that strays not only to tell a tale about a man who is by no means neither hero nor villain, but also a film which is in no hurry and takes the time for every detail to sink into the mind and heart of the viewer. Some of the scenic images in "Barry Lyndon" are in themselves pieces of art, rendered with a passion for the landscapes and the man-made structures within them.

The myth that all scenes were recorded using no artificial lighting no doubt stems from the very realistic lights during indoor takes, and some of them truly did not feature artificial light. This is but one of the many details that so easily conveys a sense of a realistic portray of the era; the 18th century and the time after the seven-year war in the later half of the century. The impressive atmosphere and the wonderfully picturesque scenarios along with the fact that the entire plot moves at a calm pace makes this film a very pleasant experience.

"Barry Lyndon is", amidst Kubricks' many masterpieces, a film so easily dismissed due to length and the fact that it is overshadowed by others, but I deeply recommend this film to anyone who would like to see a film both for the plot line, the story and the pure enjoyment of the images presented. Stanley Kubrick made many great films – and this one is most definitely one of them! KimotoCat